Forget Perfection, Be Present

It never fails. I am in the kitchen, and one or two of my children will ask if they can help me with whatever it is I’m working on. Most of the time the I’m not able to let them help due to the risk. So I decided to make a cake, just for them to decorate. The kids helped me crack the eggs, and stir everything together. Then we rolled out the fondant and the five of them had fun using cookie cutters to get the shapes they wanted. They used food coloring to shade the fondant. My daughters made various shapes by rolling the fondant, while my eight year old son used the cook cutter to make the blue people that fill in the middle of the cake. I love to bake, and often what I am working on is for an event and I have to be particular about what I’m doing. I enjoy this and the tediousness that comes with it. Unfortunately, the perfection of what I may be working on causes my children to be left out. It’s easy to overlook. So this time, we made the cake just for them. Decorated it together (mostly them) and of course they ate it! It didn’t take too long to clean up, and they have the memory of it. On to the next baking adventure!






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